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    2016 Midi Music Festival
    Brighten illuminates "Young Midi Music Festival 2016"

    From April 30th to May 2nd, on the bank of Taihu Lake in Qidu Town, Wujiang City, Suzhou, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, a three-day music carnival made tens of thousands of fans forget the pressure of work, the trivialities of life, and the depression of emotions. In this rock holiday, fully release yourself, enjoy music, and enjoy the passion and passion that should go with your youth. This is the most important festival in the minds of Chinese rock fans-Midi Music Festival.

    The shocking performance of more than a hundred groups of top bands at home and abroad awakened the singing of all the music lovers on the scene. This time Brighten brought nearly 500 professional stage lights to escort the Midi Music Festival.

    As night fell, someone waved the banner;
    The audience was fascinated by the psychedelic smoke;
    People who do n’t know each other get together just because of enthusiasm;
    People of different ages feel the atmosphere of rock together! After all, no one was ever young!
    The smoke could not disperse for a long time, only because Brighten illuminated a young and enthusiastic heart!

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