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    Brighten lamps shine at IDOL Shenzhen concert
    Brighten lamps shine at IDOL Shenzhen concert

    On January 14, 2015, tired of a dull and dull life, do you want to be really crazy? The explosive IDOL Shenzhen concert will give you the most explosive audiovisual feast! The largest performance venues, the largest number of live audiences, the strongest celebrity lineups, the most international directors, the most powerful song and dance performances, the most beautiful dance design, the "type explosion IDOL Shenzhen concert" wants you to be high!

    Brighten provided professional stage lighting for the explosive IDOL Shenzhen concert held at the Longgang Universiade Gymnasium in Shenzhen on January 4th. Brighten fixtures show a variety of unique charms such as strong beams, ultra-high light output, top-level color mixing effects and flexible changing lighting effects. It fully meets the needs of different singers and different song and dance styles. The concept of "type" is implemented in every detail from beginning to end, shocking the audience's visual experience and letting the audience truly experience the charm of "type explosion IDOL".

    During the whole concert, more than 600 Brighten lamps showed perfect lighting effects and excellent reliability and stability, which fully performed the "type to burst" theme of the concert, and brought 50,000 audiences on the scene. The most explosive audiovisual enjoyment.

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