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    Jingdong Double 11 surprise night Brighten shines again on CCTV stage
    Jingdong Double 11 surprise night Brighten shines again on CCTV stage
    On November 10, 2015, the “2015 Jingdong Double 11 Surprise Night” by and CCTV3 will be held at 20:00 on the evening of November 10 to meet with global audiences. Brighten 400 high-quality equipment will make a great debut, with you Enter the countdown phase of the "Carnival Shopping Festival" together.

    Inside the three central stations, Sun Nan, Qi Qin, Li Chen, Li Xiang and other well-known stars gathered together, mysterious star guests helped, and the live stage lighting has already been on the stage for everyone to welcome the arrival of the double eleven. Brighten products will not only become a highlight of this party, but also bring an unparalleled visual experience to the audience with perfect expression and excellent performance. A luxurious lineup of mysterious star guests, "good voice" and "good song" popular students will interact with the audience to spend an unforgettable "surprise night". On the show, the singers will be masked on the stage with "Song Song". What spark will their confrontation spark? At the event, a large gift red envelope was given-the prizes were not enough to win, and the discount was reduced to the bottom. Who will receive the “Surprise Night End Great Prize”? Brighten will be revealed with you!

    As the lighting supplier for this show, Brighten provided strong lighting support. With excellent lighting effects, create a wonderful light and shadow festival for this show, and also create a surprise moment for the live audience, blooming the shock and excitement that should be. Brighten products are stable and reliable, while exhibiting high brightness output, excellent color mixing and excellent rendering. At the same time, according to different themes and rhythms, they show colorful colors and dazzling dance effects, creating a unique music and program atmosphere. . Brighten products will be carnival with you with perfect interpretation, so stay tuned!

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