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    Meet Ginza · Enter the Cultural Fair
    Meet Ginza · Enter the Cultural Fair

    On the evening of June 16th, "Meeting Ginza · Entering the Cultural Fair" 2006 Shandong (International) Cultural Industry Expo and the large-scale superstar concert of the 10th anniversary of the glorious opening ceremony of Ginza were staged in the stadium of Shandong Sports Center! The concert was hosted by the 2006 Shandong (International) Cultural Industry Expo Organizing Committee and co-organized by Shandong Ginza Mall Co., Ltd. and Shandong Performance Company.

    The "Super Encounter Ginza · Into the Cultural Fair" concert is a sincere feedback from Ginza who has turned 10 years of age to the support and love of all walks of life. This concert continued Ginza's traditional elegance, not only a strong star lineup, but also a high standard in production team, stage design and other aspects. The concert will be directed by Zou Youkai, a senior director and well-known writer of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The CCTV variety channel Wei Dangsheng, Zhang Jinli, Wang Changzhi, Li Qi, Meng Jie, Wang Xiaoling, Ren Weixin, etc. Maimei and sound designer make up the production team.

    The concert will invite Hong Kong and Taiwanese artists like Sun Yanzi, Luo Dayou, Cecilia Cheung, Adu, A Niu, Su Yongkang, Wu Yanze, Mayday, Shui Mu Nianhua, Lucky Sambo, Liu Jialiang, Wang Ying, as well as famous mainland artists. It can be said to be unprecedented in Jinan's performance history. And they performed "Perfect Day", "The Story of Time", "Childhood", "Star Wish", "He must love you very much", "It is difficult to love a person", "The girl across from me", " "The Prairie Rising Sun" and other popular songs. The bright and colorful stage effects of Brighten products will bring out a moving atmosphere for the whole performance and accompany us through a passionate and memorable evening!

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