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    Colorful Zhuhai Chimelong New Circus to Create Gorgeous Magic Circus Show
    Colorful Zhuhai Chimelong New Circus to Create Gorgeous Magic Circus Show

    This beautiful work of art is the second circus performance venue of Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong International. The new circus venue covers an area of about 28,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 15,000 square meters, and has nearly 5,000 audience seats. The design of the steel frame tent with high and middle pillars achieves 360 ° viewing space without dead ends. The new design of the marine-themed circus performance venue is reflected in the construction of "abstract ocean wind", the world's original "moving and stitching of the horse circle area", and "artistic horse circle area" construction. The new circus venue is mainly based on "ocean blue". The design team cleverly combined the new thoughts of Chinese and foreign dance beauty, combined with Brighten's high-quality lighting technology, to achieve the circus entertainment effect and create a magical real experience of magical performance.

    The theme of the 2nd China International Circus Festival is "Circus Circus, Happy Zhuhai" as the main theme. The Circus Festival has registered more than 300 performances. Among them, Chinese programs in Tianjin include [Group Pedal] and [Rope in Fujian]. Technology "and" collective top technology "in Hebei. Other top 30 circus and acrobatic performance teams from 20 countries including Russia, Sweden, Germany, and the United States presented wonderful performances. The day's program types include aerial acrobatics, stage acrobatics, stunt performances, funny clowns and so on.

    The superb performances under the bright and colorful projection of Brighten products easily create a variety of dynamic psychedelic lighting effects. Brighten products have very good color stability, coupled with a variety of speed strobe effects, let the new circus hall again launch an international performance event, in order to attract citizens and tourists and promote Zhuhai international popularity.

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