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    Mingdian Lighting shows its style at China Bamboo Culture Festival

    The 7th China Bamboo Culture Festival, the largest and most influential national and international bamboo event in China, was held in Yixing from November 9th to 10th, 2013.

    The China Bamboo Culture Festival is a national and international special festival with the main purpose of gathering bamboo technology, promoting bamboo culture, developing bamboo industry, and revitalizing bamboo economy.
    The show used a 230W beam lamp from Mingden Lighting. At the beginning of the performance, more than a hundred beams of light were gathered on the stage, reflecting each other with the bamboo forest on the screen, and the trees were stained with bright colors. As the plot progressed, the lights also developed and changed to reproduce the magical scene, rendering the real scene song and dance as dream Fantastic.

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